Why I like classical music

Depending upon the taste for the kind of music, it leaves its own impact upon a person. Like any other forms of art, music too, comes in diverse genres and forms that happen to be a matter of study for the music researchers and scholars. But, what turns out to be the most unique part of music is, its appeals to all. No matter whether an individual is an ardent lover of music or not music attracts every one. Ages back man created music with the simple sources and tools available to him and music became an integral part of the society. If you find the statement overrated just try to feel the symphony the nature created with its elements; try to sense the harmony of flowing water, the ocean tides, chirping birds, rustling leaves. Try to listen to the unheard melody of the pastures that only a hugely sensitive soul can relate to. Music is everywhere.


Amidst a variety of forms of music, classical music makes me feel the  most rejuvenated. To be honest I was not a passionate fan of classical music. My dad used to listen to classical music and ever since then I too matured with my sense for music. The glory and artistic call of classical renditions insisted me to delve into it.

It all started when I was of just fifteen years and my dad brought me to a concert of classical music. All I remember of the evening is the charm and the mesmerizing effect, my ears perceived, stirring my deep senses. You may not believe but the truth is, it was just a couple of hours and I felt at peace with the eloquent appeal of the reverberating rhythm. It was a tribute by Mozart to the nature. But, what captured my soul were the controlled modulation of the cords and an unprecedented flow of music.


It is a common practice for the contemporary music lovers to embrace light music over classical genre. The reason, behind it, is pretty clear. Light music can be effortlessly created by a common musician or vocalist with whom standard audience members can relate effortlessly. It communicates the sentiments of average people in their own particular dialect. But to relate to the classical music you need to understand the depth of its sincerity.

Apart from classical genre, any form of music has a definite start and a predictable end but when classical music starts to flow, at times the artist too flows with the magic being created through his art. The musical notes lead the artist and the audience to an unforeseen wonderland, from where returning back is agonizing.

Yes, since childhood I grew up listening to the classical renditions that helped to nurture my senses and beyond the horizon of my country. It helped me to merge with global music. When I explore into the different forms of melodies, phrasing, modulation and textures in classical music, I feel like a child awed by a magical trick, that he fails to fathom.



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