Tips on choosing the right punching bag for you

With 2018 just around the corner, I’m sure you have already made your plans for the upcoming year. From New Year’s resolutions like losing weight and practicing more sport to more specific goals like going to a certain trip or buying a new car, we all have something that motivates our lives. But practicing more sport shouldn’t be linked to a simple resolution. On the contrary, you should make the most of the free time you have and start improving your physical condition now.

Although picking up a new sport can be a bit complicated, starting with smaller steps like running and a few cardio exercises could help you get back on the track right now. I like to combine my fitness and cardio routine with a few quick sessions of punching to release all the anger, diminish stress, and improve my kicks and self-defense techniques. So here is everything you need to know about punching bags.

Choosing the right size and weight

If you want to buy a new punching bag you should start by deciding the best weight and size for you. Depending on the intensity of your training, as well as your personal strength, you may want to choose a lighter or heavier punch bag.

If you’re a kicker or a boxer, you most definitely have to appeal to a heavier punch bag, preferably filled with sand or hard materials so that you can improve your kicks and your strength.

On the contrary, if you’re a petite person or have just started training, we suggest opting for lighter punching bags or even punching pillows. These are softer, can be hit with your bare hands or with gloves, and won’t hurt your knuckles as much as regular punching bags.

It is also important to adjust the height of your punching bag according to your own needs. Most of these bags you find in gyms come with adjustable straps or chains so they can fit almost all trainees. Make sure the hardest part of the bag corresponds to the size of your arms.

Did anyone say maize bag?

Unlike regular heavy bags, the maize bags come with a teardrop shape and are filled with maize inside. This makes them a little bit more lightweight, but still hard enough to perform high-quality training. If you’re working on your uppercut kicks, this type of punching bag is perfect for you. Moreover, the great advantage of these is that they can swing, allowing you to feel the intensity of your kick and see the actual response when striking.

There are plenty of cool punching bags to choose from, depending on the budget, so make sure to do a full research before purchasing a certain item.

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